Painting Workshops & Creative Days

'The business of art is to reveal the relation between man and his circumambient universe at the living moment' - D. H. Lawrence

This year we will be offering workshops to take place at the Studio. We have 3 planned and hope to add more as time goes on. Unfortunately it’s not possible to take these in the Summer month’s of July and August due to the heat. Group workshops need a minimum of 4 people to a max of 6. Individual tuition also available.

If you and/or a group of friends would like to take more than 1 workshop consecutively, please email me to discuss. There are a host of lovely places to stay on the Island and we can help you find somewhere suitable.  

For more information and arrangement of dates please email me on


I find much inspiration in the Zen aesthetic of Wabi Sabi which highlights the ever changing, impermanence and imperfection of objects, and indeed life. I believe there are no mistakes in art, that the finished piece is an interpretation of the energy in use while working. How the finished piece turns out is not as important as whether the artist finds it pleasing or not.  Each piece of art is subjective, interpreted differently by each onlooker. What this interpretation invokes in the viewer is what is important, not the subject matter. From this place we can create bravely.


The Found Art Walk and Amulet Making Workshop

See Gozo through different eyes

Stepping outside in search of inspiration.

Create your own unique amulet from found objects and harness the natural power of Gozo. 

An off the beaten track walk will take us to parts of Gozo that most visitors do not have the privilege of seeing. We amble along little used paths learning of the islands ancient history and mysticism, on the way we collect objects that can be used to make our sacred amulets on return to the studio. You will able to take away your own personal unique amulet to wear or hang in a prominent place in your home, infused with Gozo’s vibrational energy.

Amulets are natural objects that can be infused with the energy of the land or ones own energy as it is assembled. They can be worn or hung in the house for protection. (Talismans are slightly different in as much as they are man made usually out of metal or clay and then fused with your own power to make magic or summon energy for a purpose.) We will only be using found objects on this workshop.

Ancient tribes believe all objects possess a spiritual energy that has the power to transmit knowledge and guide us in our lives.

Whether we collect these natural objects to protect, empower, bring good fortune, peace or serenity they are amplifiers, helping lead us into the power of mindfulness and closer towards the still place where we can rest. Taking time in our collecting is a form of meditation, as we step into self enquiry it helps to slow us down, let go of things we don’t need, and staying in the present moment.


Found objects are collected on the day and any additional materials will be supplied. If you have any personal items you would like to incorporate into your amulet, please bring them with you.

No previous experience necessary. Please be aware the walk is not suitable for people with mobility difficulties. If you are unable to do the walk but would like to make an amulet please contact me and we can discuss an alternative.

An Introduction to Intuitive Painting

Be open to a new world of painting where anything is possible.

Leave behind all preconceptions of who you think you are or what you think others perceive you to be.

Allowing intuition rather than thoughts to guide you, this process allows you to emerge confident in your creating. Allowing your art to unfold naturally and in its own time.


Listen deeply, trust completely, respond fully.


Even if you have painted for years this class will bring a fresh approach to your painting. If you are nervous of starting it will give the confidence to create some truly bold painting and find your authentic voice. Intuitive painting is not about creating a representational image of something you see but an exploration into your subconscious. 


Suitable for both beginners and experienced artists, this introduction day will enable you to gain a basic understanding of the process which will hopefully whet your appetite for a further more comprehensive course or inspire your development in your own practice.


Workshops run between 10am and 3pm and your investment is €40 pp, one to one sessions start at €120. All materials are supplied on the day.

Intuitively Painting Your Inner Guide and Healer - A Self Portrait

No previous experience necessary.

This workshop is for all abilities, it will be a day of fun and exploration without any goals except to discover your inner self. It is not necessary to have joined the previous workshop.



The next logical step from the ‘Introduction to Intuitive Painting’ day, this workshop looks at how we can use and build on the same process to discover our truth and use painting as a form of healing and self discovery. 

Inspired by spirit, tap into your inner medicine woman/man healing soul and Intuitively paint a wild inner self portrait of your deepest self.


Join me for a workshop dedicated to connecting with your authentic creative self. In an environment free from judgement and critique, learn how to intuitively paint for process rather than product, follow your energy and relate in a new way to your inner guide. 


The process:

We start with a meditation which allows us to tap into our subconscious and link with our inner self. Trusting our intuition and following the path.


By looking inside ourselves, a sense of shape and image begins to develop, then from that place that is in limbo, non-attached, and available, we can start to paint. Tuned into the ever changing movement from within, the creative force expresses and transforms on the once blank canvas... 

By releasing our expectations and attachments again and again, heart tells its own authentic and entirely unexpected story through the brush. Only then do we finally see what our hearts are teaching us all along.


We start, as with all intuitive painting, by layering paint using spontaneous and brave marks, this way we create a basis for discovery. We focus on our intuition, view our inner healer and as a guide let her/him remind you of your divine nature and beauty! What does she/he look like? have you met her in a dream ?


Workshops run between 10am and 3pm and your investment is €40 pp, one to one sessions start at €120. All materials are supplied on the day.