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The dream Team

"individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean"





With a background in textiles, and years of experience working in both the graphic design and fashion industries in London, Sarah quickly got tired of city life and left the UK in search of a more peaceful, nourishing lifestyle. Her time travelling to culturally rich countries such as India, Libya, Morocco and Turkey hugely influenced both her work as an artist and her outlook on life. She moved to Gozo in 2013, a small but beautiful, spiritual island, and set up Studio38 as a platform for her own artwork and intuitive painting workshops.

Sarah's surroundings are at the heart of all her work. She gathers the fabric of the island to develop diaries and artworks as a representation of her ever transient life. An idea can weave through a series of evolving works for a while but then disappear as quickly as the wind that brought it.


Paul Singleton started out as a bespoke furniture designer/maker and has now moved into the mystical realms of woodturning. With deep satisfaction working in his chosen material, Paul spends his time collecting drift wood, sustainable olive wood and disused boat parts to create exciting new ornaments, furniture and object’dart. Much like the Japanese method of Kintsugi, Paul uses meticulous turning and colourful resins to transform the cracks in his work to bring a new lease of life to an old weathered piece of nature.

Paul set up The Upstairs Gallery before Sarah relocated last year, a natural progression as they worked together on exhibitions for a number of years. Paul and Sarah work very much in harmony. Similar themes of sustainability, nature and transformation run through both their styles and their happy-go-lucky personalities are key to this successful team!

Alice is our PR and marketing guru providing online support, graphics, photography and innovative opportunities. With a background in design and a passion for planet earth, Alice is keen to encourage creative and sustainable individuals to fulfil their dreams. When she’s not boosting businesses you can find her scuba diving under the sea, climbing up mountains or watching the stars.

Raffi is our Creative Director, human walker and object finder extraordinaire! He was lost or abandoned on Gozo and found Sarah when she first moved to the island. He’s been part of the family ever since and is a key part of Studio38! His good looks, caring nature and Italian charm will have you wrapped round his little paw!